We live in a world of ever increasing demands on our time and energy. There is a greater need now than ever before for every father, mother, employee, professional, and individual to gain knowledge and tools to manage the stresses of our day and truly enjoy and succeed at life. Andy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the creator of the internationally read parenting blog TRU Parenting.net. His writing has been featured in publications like PBS Parents, Washington Post, Deseret News, The Good Men Project and others. He has spoken to groups ranging from community parenting groups, corporate training, mental health professionals/agencies and religious organizations. Andy has a way of speaking to the individual person regardless of the size of the group. He provides a wonderful balance of practical evidence, skills, tools or techniques and inspirational insight. Each speech, workshop or seminar comes standard with customized aha moments, the moments that help the listener feel inspired that they can take their new knowledge to action and truly make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.

Sought After Topics


  1. TRU Parenting (Teaching, Relationship & upgrade Yourself, a Comprehensive Positive Parenting Approach)
  2. Stop Yelling in 21 Days (How to Finally Stop the Yelling in Your Home)
  3. Be the B.E.S.T. Parent You Can Be, No Matter What You Face (4 Steps to Effective and Cooperative Discipline and Problem Solving with Your Kids)
  4. Other Specific Parenting topics upon request (Could include discipline, positive and gentle parenting, strengthening relationships, child development, beating parent guilt, etc.)

Personal Development

  1. 5 Parables to Live By (5 Metaphors that Will change Your Perspective and Live a Happier, More Productive Life)
  2.  Goals that Stick (Why We Fail to Reach Our Goals and 7 Essential Steps to Turn it Around)
  3. Stress Less (Practical Inspiration, Skills and Tools to Not Only Decrease Stress and Anxiety But Get It to Work For You)
  4. Us vs. The Problem (A Revolutionary Approach to Conflict Resolution)

Mental Health

  1. Are You mentally FIT or FAT? (What it Means to Be Mental FIT and How to maintain and Improve Your Mental Health)
  2. You are Not Alone (A Closer Look at Depression and Anxiety, What You Can Do and How You Can Help)
  3. Making Peace With Your Past for a Fantastic Future (Learn the Impact of Trauma and How You Can Live Free Now)
  4. Mindfulness is Not Just a Buzzword (Explore the Importance of Mindfulness in Your Work, Family and Life and How to Apply It Daily)

Andy Also provides keynotes, workshops and seminars on a multitude of subject upon request. Contact Andy to find out what he can do for you and your organization.