More songs have been written about love than any other subject. Every movie we watch would be incomplete without relationships and the element of love. All of us long for someone to love and to love us back. If you have lost that or you simply want to make sure to keep that flame of charity alive in your most precious relationship, you have come to the right place!

Every marriage and relationship experiences conflict, differences and disagreement at times but its not the conflict itself that makes or breaks a relationship but what we do with it. Its how we respond that makes the difference. When we move toward rather than away from each other differences can actually strengthen our love, respect and appreciation for each other. Conflict becomes a challenge to face together instead of an unsurmountable, dividing wall between us.

Through couples counseling you can learn…

  • How to build your relationship, even when there is conflict
  • How to truly understand your partner
  • To enjoy each other with a passion
  • Effective communication tools and techniques
  • How to set boundaries that serve and protect you and your partner
  • Your partners love language and how to speak it fluently
  • How your family, your parents, your past and your personality contributes to current relationship problems
  • How to change destructive behavior patterns
  • How to stay calm and solve problems together
  • How to bridge parenting gaps

You will have an opportunity in couples therapy to learn and apply patterns and principles of healthy happy relationships as well as explore new depths of your relationship. Couples therapy at Smithson Counseling is not just about patching up broken relationships and making the relationship livable again. Its about creating the kind of love and relationship people write songs about.