Here’s What I Can Do for You!

Individual Therapy

Get relief from depression, anxiety, Trauma/PTSD, or whatever struggles you face. Set and reach your personal, business or relationship goals and find fulfillment in your life!

Couples Therapy

Be the happiest couple on the block. Don’t just resolve the conflict. Truly enjoy your relationship again!


EMDR is one of the top therapies for PTSD and is incredible for treating phobias, anxiety and can even proactively improve personal performance in a multitude of areas.


“The sign of great parenting is not the child’s behavior. The sign of truly great parenting is the parents behavior.” Parenting can be a joy, not just a job.


Whether you need a training for mental health professionals, inspirational/self improvement and mental health for your employees or parenting workshops for your church, school or other organization, Andy can deliver. He provides seminars, workshops and keynotes on topics surrounding mental health, parenting, motivation, conflict resolution and personal improvement. Learn more here…


Andy created the internationally read parenting blog and his articles have been featured on PBS Parenting, The Washington Post, Deseret News, The Good Men Project & other online publications. He is also the author of the “5 Jump Starters for Powerful Family Cycles,” an ebook sold at TRU

Mindwire Neurofeedback

Andy is excited to bring Neurofeedback Therapy to Southern Idaho. He uses a dynamical system from NeurOptimal to monitor brain function and send auditory feedback to train the brain to become more efficient, flexible, and resilient. Learn how neurofeedback brain training could help you.

Online Courses & Products

Andy provides several visual and audio products to help you easily learn some simple guided meditations to decrease stress and anxiety as well as make parenting a whole lot more fun and enjoyable. Check out the “Quick Calm Toolkit” for FREE with tons of suggestions for managing your stress better.