Parent Counseling/Coaching

Parent counseling/coaching is an amazing opportunity to get one on one, individualized help and support in your most important role and responsibility of your adult life, parenting. Andy is not only a training therapist, Love and Logic facilitator and the creator of the TRU Parenting course and blog. Parent counseling/coaching addresses your specific parenting needs.

Contact me directly at 208-312-3648 or or send a message from my contact page.

Parenting Classes

Andy provides parenting classes that range from single seminars or workshops on specific parenting topics selected by you or your organization to 4-6 week courses entitled…

  • TRU Parenting Course
  • Stop Yelling in 21 Days
  • The B.E.S.T. Parenting Plan

Contact Andy to see about upcoming classes or to invite Andy to offer workshops, seminars or courses at your agency or organization.

Read the “TRU Parenting” Blog

The TRU Parenting blog has hundreds of articles on almost any and every parenting topic you can think of. You can read and access all of these great articles at

Parenting products and resources

Andy also provides an online course, The TRU Calm relaxation and meditation series for parents, a helpful ebook that helps you make simple TRU Parenting changes that will quickly improve your parenting and family relationships and a FREE short download for helping parents decrease stress and respond more mindfully with their kids. You can access all of these products HERE.