Hello and welcome to the Mindwire Neurofeedback Brain Training Series!

Whether you are a Mindwire Neurofeedback client or just a new friend that has come to take the challenge to improve your brain little by little through a series of practices and habits that have the power to change your brain and subsequently, your life in positive ways.

What is the Mindwire Neurofeedback Brain Training Series?

Mindwire Neurofeedback Brain Training Series is a series of challenges given through blog posts devoted to cutting through the fluff and giving you practical skills and practices that you can immediately implement in your life that will have profound impact on your brain and mental health.

How does it work?

Each blog post will be titled with a week-by-week label to help you navigate through each of the exercises (ei week 1, week 2, week 3, etc.).  Each post will give a brief explanation of the skill or practice and why it can be helpful to your brain and mental health followed by a practical exercise or practice to work on for the week (or longer if you prefer to spend more time on each skill). These exercises are meant to be achievable for any schedule, monetary situation or lifestyle. They can be scaled up or down if they feel too easy or too hard at the beginning.

I encourage everyone that does it to get a simple notebook or journal and record your challenge for the week and your efforts and progress. Notice small changes you start to see in how you think, feel and act. Notice changes in your life or relationships and let us know how your doing, any suggestions you have or if you have questions.

Thank you. Enjoy this journey and get ready to start to optimize your brain!

Start your Brain Training Journey HERE with Week 1!

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